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Workout Must-Haves!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The cold weather may bring us indoors but let’s keep moving!

For the past decade, I have been trying different equipment to use with my clients and personally. I have composed the following list of simple and essential equipment that takes up minimal space and is easy to travel with. These are the exact pieces of equipment I have been using for years. The quality is great and the price is right. As you can see, I use Amazon to purchase almost 100% of my equipment. I have been pleased with their customer service and speed of delivery, and although the price is not always the lowest, the shopping is quick and easy! Please use the following suggestions as a guide and do your own research to find the product that is right for your fitness needs.


Resistance Workout Must-Haves:

Exertube: elastic band with handles, used for total-body workouts! These bands are available in a variety of strengths. The one I like most is a medium resistance band.

Buy it here!

Door Anchor: Used with Exerturbes to target many different muscle groups! Buy it here!

Booty bands: elastic bands used to a wide variety of lower body exercises. These are most definitely my favorite and most often used with all my clients!

Shop Fabric Booty Bands Here!

Shop Latex Booty Bands Here!


Home-Gym Must-Haves:

Stability ball: used for lower body moves and ab exercises, as well as lower back moves. Replacing your office chair with a stability ball will require you to engage your core while you work! Buy it here!

Exercise mat: 1 ½ inches thick for the most comfort and cushion. Rolls up easily or tucks discreetly behind or under the couch when not in use. If you choose not to purchase a mat, a bath towel works well on carpeted surfaces.

Buy one here!


More than Body-Weight:

Barbell weight set: for the more advanced fitness enthusiast. Buy it here!


Post-Workout & Recovery:

Massage balls: a must-have for post-workout muscle soreness

Buy them here!

Water bottle: drinking water is essential when exercising and an easy-to-use and attractive water bottle will make this as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Buy it here!

Cleaner: And last but not least...keeping your exercise equipment clean and smelling fresh will make it more user-friendly and last longer! I suggest the following cleaner:


Until next time, take care!

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