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#1: MOM & dot WHO?

Introduction of the Kitchen Koach MOM & dot Podcast with Brenda, Certified Personal Training, Certified Health Coach, and owner of Kitchen Koach & her daughter, Cierra! We share our why for the podcast, our vision, our relationship as mom & daughter, and how we got here.

#2: COVID-19 - Day number... ???

Unexpected. Tragic. Unavoidable. Invisible Enemy. Covid-19 has been swarming the world for months now. Find out how Brenda and Cierra are staying busy, productive, and positive during this nationwide lockdown.

Bonus: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Grandmothers, and expecting Mom's out there! Solo episode with Cierra on Mother's Day! Cierra reflects on the ways Brenda has shown a lifetime of love. She also shares how she is trying to reciprocate that love! We hope all Mother's out there have the greatest day!

#3 Health and Diet FAQ

Cierra and Brenda are sharing the mic on this episode! With over a decade of Personal Training experience, Brenda has been asked a lot of questions from her clientele. Brenda and Cierra compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about health and diet and answered them for you on this episode! We hope you enjoy!

#4 Exercise FAQ

Last week was about the kitchen, this week is about YOUR GYM - whatever that may look like! Brenda answers a wide range of FAQ about exercise, from the right tennis shoes to the right exercise for MAX calorie burn! Cierra thought she knew enough until Brenda taught her so much more in this episode!
Our Weekly Favorite Things:
Brenda: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Blender and Food Processor) - Found on sale at Best Buy for $150!
Cierra: Well, Cierra was too busy talking about her blender nearly catching on fire daily that she forgot to talk about her FAVORITE DRY SHAMPOO- Dove Dry Shampoo- Amazon $4.98

#5: Self-Care Model

Brenda is solo on the mic this week introducing her latest project: The Self-Care Model. In this podcast, Brenda provides a quick overview of the 8 steps that encompass the model she uses in her health coaching!
Weekly Favorite Things:
Brenda: Aveeno Brightening Daily Facial Scrub- Amazon: $5.64

#6: All Kid's Included!

★GUESTS on this week’s podcast- Hunter & Macy McAllister ★
Get a glimpse into the McAllister family & what makes them happy, laugh, and sad!
Brenda asks a variety of questions that makes the kids dig deep and provides a little insight into the McAllister family dynamics!

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