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Services We Offer

Kitchen Koach is a multi-service health & wellness brand located in Emmetsburg, Iowa. 

At Studio K, you will experience a private, welcoming, personal experience! 

All services offered are tailored towards the client's health & life goals. I will provide coaching, encouragement, and knowledge along your journey to a more fit, healthy life.


Health Coaching

"Empowerment to live your most fit life" - ACE

Personal Training

Sweat. Strength. Stamina.

Partner Training

Why Train Alone?


Targeted Challenges. Targeted Results.

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All Services are Commitment Free

Questions about services or prices?


1 Hour Online Health Coaching

In 2020, nearly everything can be done online!
Therefore, I am offering online health coaching via Zoom or FaceTime! You will receive the same, great service from the comfort of your own home!


45 or 90 Minute In-Person Health Coaching

Wanting to get out of the house for a bit? A little self care time? Then choosing in-person coaching is the right choice for you. Here at Studio K, the setting is quiet, personal and focused on keeping you relaxed and stead-fast as you begin your journey to the healthy lifestyle you have long desired.

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45 Minute Personal Training

During your 45 minute training session, we will work towards your fitness goals by targeting a variety of muscles to improve strength, balance, speed, and stamina. Each safe and challenging workout is created just for you!


45 Minute Partner Personal Training - up to 4

Why train alone when you can sweat with a friend, partner, sister, or child! Partner training will offer the same, great sweat session with extra encouragement, accountability, and competition.

Free unless stated otherwise!


At Studio K, we want to get everyone involved, which is why we try to offer a variety of free or low cost options!

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We accept cash, check, and Venmo for payment.

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