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9 Simple Ways to Relax & Unwind for the Busy Mom

A typical day in the life of a busy woman is simply insane to say the least! Yes, I am talking to all of you beautiful women! You have been running around like a crazy woman for so many years, “doing what we do” that you haven't stopped to realize,” Hey, wait a minute, when was the last time I relaxed?” 9 simple, realistic ways to relax in a hectic life.

This schedule will fit many of you to a T!

5:00 - Alarm sounds. You jump out of bed, start the coffee, feed the pets, start a load of laundry, pack your lunch and those of all the littles. You are already thinking about the evening meal, so you quickly throw something in the crockpot.

5:45 - You jump on the treadmill for a quick 10 minute run, burning roughly 100 calories. A little sweat is better than none, right ladies?! Hang your clothes on the handle-they will be dry by tomorrow morning- but you can only do this once, otherwise, Gross!

6:00-6:30 - You have ½ an hour to shower, assemble a presentable outfit, perform your morning beauty routine and wake the rest of the family.

6:30 - You make a quick, easy, 2-ingredient egg in the nest - the kid’s favorite. While the children eat, you clean up the breakfast mess and unload the dishwasher from the night before. The clothes dryer dings so you quickly fold, sort and deliver the clothes to the appropriate rooms.

7:00 - You dress the children and locate all essentials for the day...that lost bookbag or book report. The winter months present another challenge...snow pants and boots in grocery sacks! UGH! This is always a bit messy.

7:30 - load ;em up and head out

By the time you get the kids dropped off at daycare and/or school, you get to begin your “workday”.

5:00 - You arrive at daycare and round up the crew, You get them all buckled up and it is non-stop chatter with everyone wanting a little attention from Mom.

5:30 - You arrive home and follow the kids, picking up all the articles of clothing and bags that are dropped and scattered on the floor.

Thank goodness you are prepared and the crockpot meal is ready!

6:30 - Is homework and family time, which may be a game, movie, or a puzzle.

7:3o - and it is time for baths and pajamas followed by not one or two, but usually three bedtime stories!

8:00 - You clean the house and straighten up the bathroom from the out of control bubbles and drenched rubber ducks!

9:00 - You grab your book that you started 2 months ago, read a few pages, and it’s lights out for you! You can’t keep your eyes open.

We love our husbands and children with all our hearts and get so used-to and caught up in the daily busy-ness of it all that we forget to take time for ourselves. Well ladies, it’s your turn!

Here You Go Girls: 9 Ways to Fit Relaxation into Your Life

  1. Wake 5 minutes earlier than normal. Pop in your headphones and listen to a song or two that gives you a little pep-in-your-step or a beautiful song to help you reflect as you practice gratitude.

  2. Start the coffee and a load of laundry. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy it. Take 5 minutes & savor the caffeine fix as you scroll through social media, pray, read the newspaper or just sit! Yes ladies, you can actually just sit and enjoy that cup of coffee (vanilla is my go-to) because size matters and a small cup will just not do!

  3. There is one more magical cup of coffee and just the right amount of sugar-free peppermint creamer left...grab your travel mug and fill it to the brim. Save that second cup to enjoy as you fire up your work computer and start answering those emails! Because today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee!!

4. Cereal for breakfast is okay on occasion for the kids, as long as it is one with 6 grams

of sugar or less (& no drinking the milk). Sit with the little darlings and chat, laugh

and look at their sweet little faces. They grow up way too fast!

5. Enjoy the car a station you all like and sing at the top of your lungs!

6. Make the most out of your lunch hour. While you enjoy your salad or sandwich, read

a chapter or two in your book or text a few endearing messages to your husband

which are long overdue. Better yet, sit with the lights off with your eyes closed and

play a podcast or

listen to a book on tape. Writing is another great way to relax, as it allows you to sort

out your thoughts, giving you clarity. And we are never too old to color, which

reduces stress, and improves sleep and focus.

7. While the children are in the bath, perform your evening

facial routine, taking a few extra minutes to do a face scrub

or mask. Brush your teeth with your children, setting the

timer for the recommended two minutes.

8. Tonight, as your husband reads the bedtime stories, lay and snuggle. It won’t be long

until those days are a thing of the past.

9. Wear pretty pajamas. You deserve to feel feminie as you get your beauty rest. A spray

of lavender on the pillowcase and a complimenting lotion will help you drift off into

that much needed sleep!

Until next time, take care!

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