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If something takes you less than a minute to do, do it immediately!

The Self Care Model: Organization

Organization saves time.

Organization is the idea of putting things together in a logical order.

Step one-

Use a calendar! Your choice of the type you use- but please use one! We don’t want to forget important dates, events or birthdays! I like to use a physical/paper calendar that allows me to make notes. I keep the past year so i can look back on the notes I made or events when I am trying to remember the specific date of something.

This is my favorite brand. I love the colors, patterns and the amount of room for note taking.

Step two:

We need to declutter:




In the process, ask yourself this questions, “If I was going to move today, would I take this with me?”

Have a designated place for everything. This allows family members to know where things are located and to be returned.

Tips for organization:

Use clear jars

* Mason jars with wide lids are my favorite!

Have specific containers for certain things

Egg container

Bread container


Baking essentials


When we see things are running low it is time to buy again.

Keep all devices charged and carry a portable charger with you when necessary.

Have a master grocery list:

On your phone

Amazon subscribe and save

Buy two of things you use up quickly

Condiments and kitchen staples

Bathroom toiletries



Kleenex and toilet paper

Clorox wipes

Cleaning supplies

Laundry essentials

Pet food


Light bulbs

When we are cooking, put thighs away immediately or while the meal is cooking/baking.

Wipe down countertops often.

Empty small trash cans daily

Take out large trash BEFORE it gets too full!

Pack ahead of time:

Your personal bags

Makes morning so much smoother


Kids school bags

Go through the bag each night so there are no surprises in the morning.

Clean each night and morning

Have clorox wipes in the bathroom and wipe down all services before leaving for the day and each evening before bed.

Keep baby wipes close to the kitchen and dining area. Great for cleaning up messes quickly and wiping dirty hands and faces.

Mop yourself out of the house, someone always wants to walk across the wet floor!

Make a master schedule of weekly and monthly cleaning jobs:


Deep clean bathroom

Vacuum under furniture and beds

Walls when necessary-often eliminates painting

Polish floors and wood

When traveling:

Bring grocery sacks or garbage bags for trash

Purchase a case of water to save money and prevent stops

Have handy wipes ready

Pack snacks in individual bags

Be sure gas tank is full

Is your registration, car insurance and driver's license up to date?

Service vehicle before traveling

Check tire pressure

Check wiper fluid- summer travel is known for bugs and a dirty windshield

This is a long list I know! It is amazing how much smoother our lives can run when we are always prepared for the unexpected. Planning ahead is key. When we can plan for tomorrow today, then our days will be much more peaceful and enjoyable.

Until next time, Take Care!

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