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Spice it Up with these 8 Cupboard Staples!

Variety is the spice of life! Healthy eating should be simple, but not boring. Spices add pizazz without the calories! Who says we need to drown our food in heavy creams and sauces!?!

To help you get started, here is a list of eight spices that should be found in every cupboard!

(1) Turmeric: musky and earthy flavor, often used in Indian dishes & stews. A great dry rub for chicken.

  • Add to rice or quinoa before cooking.

  • When roasting root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, add a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with turmeric and this side dish is sure to steal the show!

Benefits: Promotes healthy circulation and prevents inflammation. This spice has also been shown to reduce joint pain and possibly aid in weight loss.

(2) Garlic: great flavor & aroma!

Walking into a home or restaurant where a dish with garlic is being served...makes me immediately hungry!

Often used in:

  • salad dressings

  • marinades

  • sauces

  • vegetables

  • meats

  • soups

  • stews

Benefits: contains manganese, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B

(3) Basil: in my opinion, one of the prettiest and most fragrant herbs out there!

I grew a few plants this summer but next summer...I may have an entire basil garden! I love it SO much and it is even more fun to share!

Used in:

  • any tomato-based food

  • soups

  • salads

  • pizza

  • added to infused oil

  • I used it in my quinoa salad ALL summer! Get the Recipe Here!

Countless recipes using this delicious herb can be found here.

(4) Oregano: I add oregano to my summer salads and scrambled eggs.

Used in:

  • pasta dishes

  • pizza

  • meat marinades

  • chicken dishes.

  • rich in antioxidants

  • may help fight bacteria

  • could have anti-cancer properties

  • may help reduce viral infection

  • could decrease inflammation

  • easy to add to your diet

(5) Ginger: A peppery flavored spice that can be added to banana bread and baked apple dishes. I am not that familiar with this spice so I will have to look for recipes to try!

  • treats nausea and morning sickness

  • may help with weight loss, as it has been shown to increase the number of calories burned or reduce inflammation.

  • can help with osteoarthritis

  • may lower blood sugars

  • can help fight infections

(6) Nutmeg: I personally use this weekly! It pairs nicely with cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

My family adds it to:

  • pancakes

  • many baked goods

  • various teas

  • & our low-sugar apple cider recipe. Get Recipe Here!

(7) Cinnamon: I love anything cinnamon scented or flavored so it’s no surprise I add cinnamon to any food I can!

Interesting fact: cinnamon is the third most popular spice!

Use by:

  • Sprinkle on apples

  • Cinnamon/sugar(splenda) toast

  • Add to veggies for a touch of sweetness

  • Add to oatmeal and baked apples dishes

  • Sweeten up your morning smoothie


  • supports digestive health

  • supports joint health

  • support healthy circulation and blood sugar.

(8) Cumin: the flavor can be described as earthy with a hint of citrus found in taco seasoning.

We add this to our go-to sweet potato skillet! Find Recipe Here!

Dishes using cumin:

  • stews

  • soups

  • breads

  • barbecue sauces

  • certain chili recipes


  • prevents diarrhea

  • helps control blood pressure

  • may help lower cholesterol

  • aids in weight loss

(9) Paprika: This savory spice is made by grinding dried red peppers into a fine powder and is used in many mexican dishes and replaces black pepper in many households.

Commonly Used:

  • as a dry rub on steak, chicken and fish

  • I recently found a recipe for sloppy joes with paprika that I am anxious to try!

  • promotes healthy vision

  • reduces inflammation

  • may improve cholesterol levels

  • important for healthy blood

When we remove sugar and fat from our meals, we often times lose some of the flavor.

Spices and herbs are generally calorie free and add plenty of flavor to any dish! Click here to learn more about the shelf life of the most often used spices and herbs!


Quinoa Salad


Hot Apple Cider

Until next time,

Take care!

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