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Stress Less. Smile More. Let Things Go!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Signs of stress

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Anger or irritability

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Racing thoughts

  • Problems with memory or concentration

Causes of Stress

1. Not having control over something

  1. COVID-19: When will it end and how will it affect our health

  2. Weather-related changes in activities: Disappointment when plans change due to unforeseen weather issues

  3. Co-workers

  4. Finances

  5. Weight gain/weight loss: We stress when we gain weight and beat ourselves up ; We are wanting to lose weight but we know it will be difficult

  6. Loss of a loved one or pet: We must deal with emotions associated with this loss and life-altering change

2. Being under pressure

  1. An important exam

  2. Work deadline

  3. Facing big challenges

  4. Job change or promotion

  5. New or troubled relationships

  6. Where you choose to work and/or live

3. Not having enough work or activities

  1. Boredom and not feeling productive

  2. Feeling lonely

  3. Spending too much time on social media and feel you have short-comings compared to others

  4. Lack of self-confidence or feeling insecure

7 Ways to Cope with Stress

Exercise & Be Active


Yoga can help reduce stress because it promotes the relaxation of your body, mind, and breathing.


Working in the garden reduces cortisol levels even more than reading a book.

Hospitals are adding gardens to their facilities to help patients heal faster. Studies have found that just sitting in a garden helps relieve stress and provide a feeling of peace.

Outdoor Activities

When we engage in activities that we find challenging, new or adventurous, we build self-confidence at the satisfaction of mastering a new activity.

Eat Well

When we fuel our bodies with good food, we feel empowered by taking our health into our own hands. What we put in our bodies is one thing we are in complete control of.

Fruits and vegetables boost our immune system, reduces the chances of sickness and missed days at work.

Have a Hobby

Hobbies provide an outlet from work, school, and life in general as they allow us time to unwind and focus on something that makes us happy.

Many hobbies allow us to be social:

  1. Book clubs

  2. Wine clubs

  3. Outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, and pick-up games of your high school favorite sports

  4. Cooking is a hobby that many enjoy and everyone benefits from it. People who cook tend to find enjoyment in cooking for others. Preparing meals and having leftovers will allow less cooking for the next few days, which can be a big stress relief during the busy week of school and/or work.


The body repairs itself while we sleep & regulates mood so we are more kind and understanding.

Better at problem-solving and improved focus when well-rested

Spend time with your pet

Oxytocin is released in our brain when spending time with our pet. As humans, we enjoy caring for others, & pets allow us to do that while providing companionship.

Pets can encourage us to spend more time outdoors and encourage activity as they need to walk just as much as we do! Last, but not least, pets love us unconditionally!

There is not a particular oil or scent of a candle that you need to choose. I suggest choosing one that you enjoy and helps you to relax. Here is a link to help you choose a scent if you are new to essential oils!

Oils can be placed on your temples, wrists or placed in a diffuser. Be sure to research whether or not an oil requires a “carrier”.

Journal and practice gratitude

As days are long and busy, we tend to forget our blessings. We need to stop and appreciate what we have, rather than what we don’t yet have or what we are missing.

When we wake with negative thoughts and emotions, we tend to carry that mood throughout the day.

When we wake with thoughts of gratitude, thankfulness, and affirmations, we tend to focus on the good in our lives. We look for the good in our day and in those around us. The more often we do this, the easier it will be to develop this habit and become a positive person. This has a profound effect on those around us!

Practicing gratitude is not difficult or time-consuming: light a candle, turn on some relaxation music, and write three things that you are grateful for. Sit for a few minutes and reflect on how these statements make you feel and how blessed and enriched your life is at this moment.

When you are having "one-of-those-days" or are feeling a little less than yourself:

  1. Put on your favorite sweats

  2. Light a candle

  3. "Hey Alexa, play spa radio on Amazon music."

  4. Add essential oil to our wrists

  5. Sit in your favorite spot in a dark, quiet room

  6. Close your eyes and clear your mind of anything and everything that has been on your mind weighing you down.

  7. Breath deep into your tummy. With each breath, let go of what is on your mind and find peace.

  8. Continue this as long as necessary to find your inner peace and re-groud yourself.

Until next time,

Take Care!

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