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Why be moody when you can shake your booty!

What to wear and what NOT to wear in the gym

On those days, when the gym isn't sounding so appealing, get off your rump, go to your closet, grab your favorite bra, tank, and leggings, and head to the gym.

When we look good, we feel good! You don't have to kill it, just show up, put in the work, leave a little sweat behind and remember that it all adds up!

IT ALWAYS MATTERS! If someone is checking you out, let's hope it's because of the 5 extra push-ups you've been doing, or the added jump squats, or even the dreaded but lovely burpee routine you have been doing in your living room on your off-days.

Whatever the case may be, you NEVER want anyone looking in your direction because they are thinking, "What the hell is she wearing?"

Don't be that girl.

What to wear:

1. Wear clothes that compliment your figure

Buy workout clothes that excite you and make you want to work out! Buy clothes that make you feel like the workout guru that you want to be

2. Shoes that are intended for your training regimen

Traditional cross trainers are made for weight training

Running socks are best for keeping your feet dry as they are made of synthetic material

Running shoes can be any type of shoe that you feel most comfortable in.

When shopping for running or training shoes, make sure to specify your needs and look for shoes tailored to you!

3. Fitted shorts or pants

We do many different moves in the gym; many of which would show too much skin if the shorts are too short.

Reach up to the sky, reach down to your toes. If anything shows, go change your clothes ;)

I adopted this saying from my niece who is an elementary teacher. Love it!

4. Supportive sports bra

This not only prevents pain but the correct bra provides breathability to keep your skin dry

If your sports bra gets that “wet smell”, soak in ½ cup baking soda for 15 to 20 minutes before washing

Let your sports bra air dry, as this will help it holds its shape and prolong the life of the bra.

  • Having your hair pulled back will keep you cooler by keeping the hair out of your face and off your neck, and prevent your hair from getting overly sweaty when exercising over our lunch hour.

  • It is unlikely that long hair would get caught in a piece of fitness equipment, but it is possible, so keeping the hair tied back will keep you comfortable and safe.

  • If you are training/ working out before you need to go somewhere and you want to prolong your hair and makeup look and have a seamless transfer from day to night, here are some essentials.

  • Invisibobble hair ties are a great way to eliminate the creasing in hair and to preserve the curls in your hair or keep it straight as desired.

  • Wearing a 100% polyester headband is a great way to keep the sweat out of your face and your eyes. The polyester is a great fabric to wear because it won’t crease the front of your hair, so the combination of these two products is great for working out in between events of a busy day!

1. Worn out sneakers

They look tacky

They are bad for your feet

2. Ill-fitting sports bra

You want support for the exercise you are doing:

When you are performing jumping activities, you will want a sports bra that is labeled “supportive”

For those who are smaller chested or exercise at a lower intensity, a light to moderate bra is sufficient. My favs: Old Navy and GAP. They are cute, inexpensive, and long-lasting and their customer service is amazing!

3. Jewelry

Necklaces can get tangled in our hair or caught on a piece of equipment which can cause an injury or simply break the necklace. I suggest keeping a travel case in your work out bag

Earrings- they too can get caught in hair and clothing, pulling on the ear-lobe causing loss of the earring and possible injury

4. 100% cotton

Does not have wicking properties. When it gets soaked with sweat, it hangs close to the body keeping us damp and chilled.

Baggy clothes

They don't allow for certain movements to be performed properly

It is difficult to see if you are using the correct form

5. Full make-up

Sweat will get trapped under your makeup clogging your pores and leading to blemishes

If you must work out in your makeup, such as over your lunch hour (I applaud you) look for a foundation that is designed for “active-women”. The coverage will not be oil-based.

6. Too tight clothes

This can be uncomfortable

Tops may ride up showing more than necessary

Bottoms can tear or restrict movement when playing a sport, or while performing lower-body moves in the weight room, such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

You don't have to work out, you get to work out! You have arms, legs, and goals. Show up, Put in the work. It will pay off, but the one thing to remember, above all else, be patient!


Until next time,

Take care!

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