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The Self Care Model- Thoughts

I used to tell my children, “Be careful what you think because thoughts create.” That was 15 plus years ago and I still believe that to be true. When we think negative thoughts, we tend to behave in that manner or we become discouraged or sad. When our thoughts are pure and well intended, our actions resemble our thinking, and we choose to behave in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves; makes us proud.

In my venture to broaden my horizon by reading more and listening to podcasts, I came across a woman who owns a life coach school.

Brooke Castillo is the owner of The Life Coach School based out of Texas. She is one of the most brilliant women I have ever come in contact with. She developed a model in which her entire business centers around: The Thought Model.

I have been coaching myself and many of my clients using this concept. Any situation or circumstance can be solved using The Thought Model.

The idea of the model is such:

Circumstance: fact, something everyone can agree on

Thought: a sentence that happens in your mind

Feeling: caused by thoughts

Action: caused by our feeling

Result: caused by our actions

Think of a situation that has happened recently and how you reacted to it. The best example we can all relate to at this time is Covi-id 19.

Circumstance: We are in a pandemic.

Thought: We worry in excess or we remain calm and focus of staying healthy

Feeling: We feel anxious, nervous, scared, angry and on edge or do we remain calm, hopeful and positive knowing that this will pass and life will return to normal eventually.

Action: We fight with our family members caused by the tension we feel. and stay isolated in our homes, in hopes to avoid the illness. Maybe we are not being as conscious of our eating and exercise habits and feeling the negative effects. Or, do we try to continue our routines as close to normal as possible and follow all guidelines and suggestions to remain free of this illness.

Result: Tension remains in our family, our eating habits are still out of control, our weight is up and we are feeling hopeless that we will get our weight back down to where it was before. We had more alcoholic beverages than ever before and we feel it will be difficult to stop now. We have been sleeping in and fear now that we will not be able to wake at our normal times.

Or, have we made the best of the time we had with our families and reconnected and enjoyed the extra time? Did we finish those odds and ends projects we have been meaning to tackle? Did we finally finish painting that room we started months ago? Did we read books and find new podcasts to learn from?

Our feelings towards any situation will determine the outcome or end result. Practicing positive thoughts will give us the mental clarity and strength to work through any situation. It will take time and practice so be patient.

If you would like help working on creating and practicing positive thoughts to get the results you want, I would love to work with you! We will use this form of coaching for weight loss, goal setting, relationships and all forms of self care. Health coaching can be done face-to-face or using various forms of social media.

Until next time, take care!

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