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20 Ways to Make Healthier Eating in 2021 Easy

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Fact or Myth: Every year, over 180 million people make New Year's Resolutions with 80% of them failing, due to lack of willpower.

I am not sure I am buying this. Sure, willpower is a thing, but if we don’t really understand it, how can we rely on it? I choose to believe in one thing: myself & I would like to help you do the same!

With a few good tips and tricks, you can believe that for the rest of our life- not just the next 365- you can change your diet to incorporate healthy foods!

I am going to give a few quick ways to kick-start your goal of “eating better”, which is the #1 resolution I hear from my clients! This is such a broad goal!

Here are 20 ways to simplify healthier eating:

  1. Make a grocery list & stick to it!

  2. Check your local grocery store ad for produce & meat on sale and plan your weeks menu around ingredients/foods on sale

  3. When items are on sale, buy in bulk

  4. Prepare produce by washing, slicing and placing them in their designated containers as soon as you get home

  5. Do not grocery shop hungry

  6. Take your lunch every single day

  7. Fill your plate with 50% veggies

  8. A snack should equal 100 calories

  9. Drink ½ your body weight in water each day

  10. Count everything that passes your lips, every bite, lick and taste

  11. You do not need to clean your plates. These are called “left-overs”. Stop eating before you are full.

  12. If you begin eating something and wish you hadn’t-STOP and spit it out, This is not wasting. It is called being mindful.

  13. Try new foods. It is likely your taste buds have changed since you were a kid.

  14. Keep foods simple and repeat recipes you and your family like.

  15. Keep a shelf/drawer full of fresh spices. We LOVE Allspice's variety- located in Des Moines!

  16. Ask your family for meal ideas to ensure they like what you serve and can be packed for lunches

  17. Eating canned and frozen fruits and veggies are good for you; just be sure to drain juices and rinse in a colander.

  18. Cook once with leftovers in mind:

a. Brown three times the hamburger you need; freeze (and label) the left overs not used in your recipe

b. Grilled chicken: prepare the leftovers differently: slice, cube and shred. Use in sauces, soups and topped on salads.

c. Chop salad for tonight's meal and lunch tomorrow.

d. Making a casserole: double the ingredients, make two, & throw one in the freezer.

19. Designate certain nights for certain foods: examples

a. Mexican Monday

b. Italian Tuesday

c. Apps Wednesday

d. Breakfast-for-supper Thursday

e. Pizza Friday: homemade pizza (you can even jazz up a frozen or store bought pizza)

f. Soup Saturday: Prepare soup in the morning in a crockpot and let it cook all day

g. Left-Overs Sunday: Clean the fridge and start fresh Monday.

20. Last but not least, and my personal favorite tip: presentation! Even the most basic food can made more appealing by:

a. Use a pretty plate or dish.

b. Arranged as if you were hosting a dinner party.

c. Place condiments in smaller dishes, not allowing them to spill onto the food

d. Setting the table with candles, cloth napkins and a tablecloth can make the dining experience more enjoyable. Keep the lights low, play soft music and enjoy the time with your family. Fancier yet, Dress up for dinner! Kids think this is fun and it gives them a chance to “practice” their table manners!

Eating is a basic necessity but it does not have to be costly, time-consuming or dreaded. Simplify your meals by repeating dishes/recipes and choosing those with the fewest ingredients.

Personal story I want to share before I let you go:

When the kids were little, Troy worked out of town many nights and we began making “trays.” I purchased these plates from Walmart, 3 different colors, one for each child. Many nights, I would not prepare a meal; I would make the kids a tray. There were five compartments and I would fill each of them with a different food ranging from, nuts, mandarin oranges or strawberries, dried cereal, sliced turkey or cube ham, cubed cheese, PB crackers and usually something sweet such as a few m&ms or fruit snacks. The best part: no meal prep or planning and easy clean-up! All joking aside, we still do this! But now we do it the grown-up way & call it a charcuterie board.

If you try this, snap a pic and send it my way!

Linking a similar kid tray from Amazon HERE

Until next time,

Take Care!

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