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4 Super Bowl Snacks Made Healthy & 5 Super Bowl Sunday Health Tips

Whether you tune in for the football game itself, the commercials, halftime show, or the snacks & drinks, you will be one of 100,00 BILLION individuals celebrating the Super Bowl this weekend!

Amazingly enough, Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd largest eating day after Thanksgiving! The spread of wings, pork sandwiches, chips & dips, & desserts are iconic to the Super Bowl, but pack a punch to the healthy eating habits, with the average American consuming up to 11,000 calories! WOWZA! That’s 10,000 calories more than what I would recommend for a female's daily calorie consumption.

Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Recipes

While the wings and chips & dips just seem “right” for Super Bowl Sunday, I have a couple delicious, healthy treats for you to bring to the most American party of the year!

Super Bowl Sunday Health Tips

If you can't imagine giving up wings, pulled pork, or all the dips, here are a few of my favorite tips to keep you from veering too far off your healthy habits path:

  1. Serve dips with carrot chips, celery, & pretzels rather than/in addition to chips!

  2. Use low-fat cream cheese & swap out sour cream for Greek yogurt in your dips!

  3. Dry rub your wings & use dipping sauces! BBQ sauce, parmesan garlic sauce, & other popular wing sauces are loaded in sugar and calories. Opt to dip your wings this year instead of sauce-on.

  4. LEAVE THE BUN! Eat all the meat you want, but swap the bun for a lettuce shell or no shell at all.

  5. Mix your drinks with low-calorie, diet juices or club soda, a real lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit! The average fruit juice has around 136 calories per serving, while the average soda has 150 calories per serving. Add alcohol to that, and you have yourself a drink over 200 calories! Woah! Save yourself easy calories by opting for a light liquor (vodka, gin, white rum) and mix with club soda or low calorie juices! Must have fruit squeezer here!

Peanut Butter Apple (Fruit) Dip - Fast, Easy, & Always a Hit!

Veggie Tray & Greek Yogurt Dip

Mixed Popcorn

The EASIEST snack & it happens to be our favorite!

Make is savory or make it sweet! Fill your bowl with mostly air-popped popcorn & add in desired amount of flavored popcorn!

Air-Popped popcorn is low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants, so fill your bowl at least 3/4 of the way with that & top off with you choice of savory or sweet and enjoy!

Everything but Bagel Dip

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