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5 Ways to Feel Your Best During the Holiday Season!

Ho Ho Ho-ly Moly… what have I done?!” Ever feel that way after licking the frosting off 3 cookies in 5 minutes? Or is that just me?

The holidays are the best, most joyful, TASTIEST time of the year! Believe it or not, the McAllister family falls into the Christmas spirit and Christmas goodies a little too hard some days too! Decorating Christmas cookies is one of my favorite traditions, & eating so much frosting that my tummy hurts is part of the memory too!

Yet somehow, I often find my pants fitting a little loser on December 26th! Here are the 5 best tips on how to enjoy Christmas & the memories it brings without tipping the scale beyond repair!

1. Bring a dish you can eat without feeling guilty!

They tell us to “Eat, Drink, and be Merry.” I am sure I am not the only one who lives that out in its entirety!

The center of the party is often where all the snacks are! It’s inevitable that while sipping your champagne or glass of red wine, there will be a warm, creamy dip calling your name. Or sweet, chocolatey cookies catching your eye! It’s hard to not snack & sip, but what if there was something healthy at the party YOU could snack on? Something with crunch, saltiness, & even sweetness!?!

a. Cue the veggie tray. The apples & peanut butter dip. Or even the spiced nuts! These dishes are perfect in so many ways! From being full of vibrant colors, the deliciousness each bite holds, to the health benefits that come from them!

2. Skinny Cocktails: The most JOLLY part of Christmas!

The food may be tempting, but the cocktails is where the Christmas weight-gain can really get you! While we know that booze is just empty calories, it’s the juices, pop, simple syrups, & other sugar additives that make up a “Perfect Cocktail” that really adds up!

Here’s a few of our favorite Skinny Festive Cocktails:

a. Low-Calorie Cranberry Moscow Mule

We love Moscow mules & the copper cup makes them pretty fun to drink too!

Add a some sparkle to your drink by garnishing with “candied cranberries”

b. Champagne: Pop the Bubbly & Celebrate!

At only 95 calories per glass, a brut champagne is the perfect low-cal cocktail option (compared to red & white wine, which contain around 150 calories per class).

**If brut champagne is a little too “blah” for you, I suggest adding a bit of zero-calorie sparkling water, such as Spindrift or a touch of 50-Calorie orange juice & splash of 5-calorie cranberry juice!

Garnish again with cranberries & you have yourself a bubbly that keeps you on track during the holidays!

c. Hot Apple Cider with Caramel Vodka - Made to Share! Get Recipe Here!

d. For the grab-on-the-go cocktail, go with a hard seltzer such as a White Claw, Truly, or Bud Light Seltzer. Most hard seltzer are around 100 Calories, 2 carbs, & 5% alcohol! There are even 70 calorie White Claws that contain only 3.5% alcohol, but taste fantastic (they might even be my favorite!) It's a great, light drink to always have on hand. Pair with a BruMate & you have yourself a refreshing party cocktail!

Really, as long as you stay clear of drinks with high-sugar pops, juices, and simple syrups, you can enjoy a cocktail with minimal calories!

Always add a squeeze of citrus fruit, such as lime, lemon, orange, or even grapefruit to your drink to increase the flavor profile without the calories! Find my bar essential here!

3. High Intensity Workouts & Afterburn!

“Afterburn” is not referring to the burn you feel after a workout, though i know you all love that feeling just as much as me!

Afterburn is used to describe the effect of continuing to burn calories for up to 2 hours after a High-Intensity Workout (often referred to as “HITT”- High Intensity Interval Training). While the amount is additionally calories burned is only around 10% of the number of calories you burned during the workout, it is more than you would burn without the workout!

Burn calories during your office parties, holiday happy hours, and Christmas dinner by getting your sweat-on earlier in the day!

Find our 12 Days of Christmas Workout Below:

12 Workouts of Christmas-2
Download PDF • 83KB

4. Plan for the Party

Most festivities take place in the evening, which means there are over 12 hours before where YOU have full control over how you “prepare” for the events that night!

Top tips to enjoy yourself that night:

a. Workout- everyone always feels better after they have moved their body! Always try to workout the morning before a party or event so you feel confident, energized, & comfortable enjoying a drink or two!

b. Eat very well during the day! Don’t cheat yourself during the day which then ruins the night! Focus on eating mostly fruits and veggies so you can enjoy what is served later without the guilt!

c. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water (I love having at least one Powerade Zero everyday)! Hydration is key- especially if you plan to enjoy a cocktail or two later in the evening! Hydration can also keep you from snacking during the day, so you have room for food at night!

5. Do something for YOURSELF the night or day of the event!

Get your nails done, buy a new dress, or add a little more mascara and lipstick so you feel beautiful, confident, & ready to tackle the night ahead! Confidence is key to sticking to your health goals! Make sure YOU feel you are worthy of the goals you have in place!

Recipes Here:

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