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8 Tools to Keep on Track with Your Goals this Year

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Our alarm clock rings alerting us to rise and shine. Our coffee pot is set to brew minutes before our alarm clock sounds and we wake to the delicious aroma of fresh coffee! As the day continues, we use our cell phones, Amazon’s Echo, fitness watches, google calendars and so much more to help us stay on track. We are reminded of meetings, important appointments and to work towards our fitness goals. Many of us have great memories and seem to remember most events and appointments with little trouble, yet we like the ease of electronic devices to help us stay punctual and efficient.

With so many gadgets on the market, it can be confusing which devices do what they promise and if they are worth the investment.

I have rounded up 8 trackers I have personally used as well as those suggested by my friends/clients:

  1. iPhone

  2. Apple Watch

  3. Journals

  4. Pedometers

  5. Waterbottles

  6. Printable Goal Sheets

  7. Echo Dot

1. iPhone: allows the use of thousands of apps to track everything from your period and ovulation to steps and sleep habits, not to mention food logging, spending habits and appointment alerts! I can not begin to tell you how many times a day I pick up my phone for all reasons above. Sure I use my phone to make calls, although not nearly as often as reminders and surfing social media! After all, I want to be one of the first to know when Express is having a 50% off sale or Saucony released their latest Kinvara line!

2. Apple watch: I shut off the alarm and grab my watch...every single day! I literally have my apple watch fastened before my feet hit the ground1. I am so conscious of my steps/fitness goals, I don’t want to miss a beat! The watch is so sleek, you hardly know you are wearing. I have nearly a dozen bands for every occasion. My favorite feature: tracking my exercise minutes. I like to look back over the previous months and know that I am on track to meet my goals of staying active each day. During my workout, I am able to control my workout-jam, answer texts and phone calls from my watch.. Siri allows us to set reminders by simply speaking into the watch. The average cost ranges from $199 to $799. The higher-priced models are more durable which is not necessary for the majority of users.

Find the other best selling fitness trackers of 2020 here!

3. Journals: “Taking notes” is not just for students! Jotting down what we ate, when we exercised, what we are thankful for and tracking our weight loss successes is the key to reaching 2021’s goals! We can glance back each week and understand why we are killing it or lagging behind our expectations. Writing something makes it concrete; we can’t deny the written words of our efforts. I prefer journals that are detailed, includes food and exercise logging and daily affirmations but yet not too fancy. The size is also a factor; the less bulky the better.

4. Pedometers: These may be a thing of the past for most of us, but let’s not underestimate the simplicity of this device and the advantages it brings. It is recommended for individuals to log 10.000 steps daily to stay active and healthy. Simple to use, inexpensive and found in most sporting goods stores!

5. Water bottle: We are encouraged to consume ½ our body weight in ounces of water each day! Yikes! We better begin early! With that being said, I recommend trying to reach your halfway goal by noon. We have the most willpower first thing in the morning and it begins to diminish as the day carries on. Thank goodness fruits and veggies with a high water content count towards your goal!

Choosing a water bottle is a personal, but a very important decision! Find a color that you like, the right material, and one you are proud to carry everywhere you go! For those needing a little extra help reaching their water-intake-goal, I suggest a water bottle marking ounce-intake.

It seems I am into marble-patterns at the moment, so I recommend the contigo water bottle in a marble pattern. I am proud to carry this with me in the car, to sporting events, work and even church! I like the no-spill quality of this bottle, the sleek, professional appearance and a bit on the feminine side!

6. Lunch containers/tote: Whether you take your lunch daily or occasionally, finding a

container that you enjoy snacking from is one of the first steps in meal prep. Divided

containers make it easy to pack a variety to prevent boredom. The Bentgo lunch container is perfect for the entire family! This particular container comes in 8 different colors so you are sure to find one that you like!

7. Printable goal sheets: Hang this on the fridge amongst the beautiful artwork made by the little ones in your home and you are sure to stay on track in the new year! But remember, your entire family will be able to see this goal sheet so make them proud! You’ve got this!

8. Echo Dot: “Alexa, start my day” She will share the latest and greatest (that’s debatable) news of the day and even tell a joke or two! “Alexa, set a one minute timer.” This is ideal for those quick, 5-minute morning workouts for kicking our butts in 5 minutes flat! Five moves in five minutes...Boom! A little extra energy, double your calorie burn...repeat!

There are many devices on the market that are not necessary but we would be silly not to take advantage of them! I will always take any help I can get to stay on track, since time-management and organization are top on my list of priorities!

My wish for you, the ability to reflect back on 2021 and think, “This was my year and this is the new me!”

Until next time,

Take Care!

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