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Follow your GPS

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

You’re going hiking. What is your destination? Are you prepared? Do you have the essentials in your backpack? Will you go faster if you go alone?

Beginning the journey of a weight loss goal or fitness endeavor is quite the same.

Where are you going: what is the goal or outcome you desire? Is your GPS programmed to allow you to reach that destination? We may take a wrong turn along the route, but we can re-route our path and continue on to reach our destination.

You will need the essentials to make the journey as smooth and successful as possible. If we forget a tool or item, can we improvise with something else in our “bag” or do we give up and head back to where we began? We won’t always have the perfect tool but we generally have a tool with us that we can make work.

A health journey requires having the right tools “packed” for the journey.

A health coach is:

  • Someone to set your GPS to the destination

  • Someone who will have a map with him or her just in case the GPS fails

  • Someone to help pack your bag with the essentials

  • Someone who can pick you up is you fall

  • Someone who will encourage you to keep going when you get tired because the hike is hard or the hill seems to big to climb

  • Someone to walk alongside you and reroute you when necessary

  • Someone who will help you improvise with another tools

  • Someone who will make the hike with you and not leave your side

  • Someone who will reach the top of the hill and look back at the strength you gained with each turn, hill and obstacle

Before beginning your journey, make sure you have the essentials packed to help you reach your journey as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Until next time, Take Care!

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