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Keep Your Kicks in the Best Shape

I arrived at my studio Tuesday and methodically placed my bags by my desk, and sat down to put on my running shoes. When I slid my foot into them, the lining felt funny but didnt think anything of it. I stood up and realized in that exact moment, that my shoes were worn out and needed to be pitched! I made it through the day, but pitched my shoes in the garabge on my way out the door.

Thankfully, I have gotten into a pretty good habit over the years to buy many pairs of shoes when I find a good sale as I understand the importance of a well-supportive running shoe! I am constantly checking certain websites for deals on shoes knowing that when I purchase them on sale, I will pitch them as soon as they show wear.


Top 2 Websites for Affordable Shoes:

  1. 6 PM: Zappos outlet: still a great selection of products well below the retail price! I always narrow down the selection to:

-What type of shoe and brand I am looking for

-The dollar amount I am looking to spend

The only downfall to 6 PM that I have experienced is the shipping. I like a deal just as everyone else, and 6 PM does not offer free shipping here or back. Read the reviews and do your research before your purchase to make sure you are getting the right product for you

2. Poshmark: a website similar to ebay, where you can buy and sell items no longer needed or to make room for something new!I would venture to guess I get 75% of my shoes here and I have never had an issue with any order so far! The price is right and the shipping is quick!


When to Replace Running or Training Shoes:

  • Every 300 to 5oo miles or every 3 to 6 months. There is no need to keep track of each mile you run, but most of us know how many miles we average a week.

Tip: keep the box and tape the receipt to know when they were purchased. If something goes wrong with the shoe, you will have both the box and receipt handy.

  • When the tread is worn out. (The soles last longer than the shoes cushioning or shock absorbency so when the soles are noticeably worn, pitch them)


How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer:

1. Alternate between two different pairs of running shoes to:

Allow time to dry between runs

The cushion has time to bounce back (this can take up t0 24 hours)

2. Use a boot dryer to speed the process and assure they are 100% dry.

At my studio, I place them upsid down over the heat vent


Why You Must Change Shoes Often:

Reduce your chance of injury!

Your foot has something similar to “muscle memory” and it conforms to the shoe; when this becomes repetitive and or incorrect, it can cause misalignment within the body causing injury.

If you have had an injury in a particular type/brand of running shoes, I recommend trying a different brand or type.

The shoe feels comfortable, but it may not be the right shoe for your running form, so alternating between two pairs will reduce or prevent injury and muscle imbalance


Three Common Types of Running Shoes:

  1. Neutral: designed for the runner with no issues and a natural gait, aka, the way a person walks

  2. Stability: helps stabalize a foot that rolls inward or for those with a flat or low arch

  3. Motion control: for runners with moderate to severe overpronation meaning your foot rolls inward as you move

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