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So What Do Kitchen Koach Clients Really Think?

I opened my Studio just over a year ago and have never been more content and in my element! Clients come to me for guidance and support in many areas of their lives, ranging from time management and organization, to basic food prep & developing healthy habits.

I may be a little biased about how amazing my clients are, & why Studio K is my favorite place to be, but what if you heard it from someone else? Testimonial Tuesday is here!

I am so grateful for the client relationships & friends I have made along the way!


"My good friend had been training with Brenda at the Wellness Center for a while and expressed how happy she was, so I signed up. It has, by far, been one of the best decisions I have made in my life and, I do not say that lightly! I knew that if I truly wanted to be committed to a life of healthy living, Brenda was my best bet. I have NEVER regretted it! "


Studio K is unlike many gyms in 10 BIG ways:

  1. Payment is per-session

  2. Appointments are available most days of the week, with times that fit into your schedule

  3. No intimidating equipment/machines

  4. Music is chosen by client (from 80’s country to pop)

  5. We do more than just personal training:

a. Classes, such as self-defense, meditation, and nutrition

b. Book club

c. Group health coaching sessions

6. Clean Studio is a top priority:

a. Clean shoes are mandatory, keeping the inside dirt and germ-free

b. Clean shoes are mandatory, keeping the inside dirt and germ-free

c. Studio is sanitized after each session

7. Easy Booking Online via Picktime!

8. Restroom/changing area is within the studio

9. Private:

a. a separate entrance to the back of the building

b. The 15-minute break allows clients to come and go without crossing paths keeping it free from, congestion and maintaining one’s privacy

10. More than just a Sweat-Sesh!

a. A place to meet with your current friends & make new through the power of exercise

b. 30-60 minutes of undivided attention, focused on your goals!

I asked a few of my clients to write a brief testimonial as to what they enjoy about training at Studio K, hoping to encourage many of you who may be in the contemplation stage, to give training or health coaching a try!


"My New Years’ goal, of course, is to lose more weight and gain more strength plus to eat better. Brenda will give me the support, encouragement, training, and knowledge for success."


"Brenda makes me want to be the best I can be. She has created in me an awareness of how I can create a healthier lifestyle for myself. I have tremendous respect for Brenda’s knowledge as a health and fitness coach ; I feel safe and supportive when training with her."


"From the moment you step into Studio K, there is positive energy and an environment next to none. The atmosphere at Studio K creates a space for a fun, safe, individualized, and effective workout every time."


"Make a list of what you would want for an exercise environment if you could have anything. Chances are, it would include all that is Studio K. The physical environment is absolutely perfect. Walking into the room, it is always neat, impeccably clean, smells divine, has beautiful light, is painted in relaxing colors, is airy, has upbeat music playing, and has lots of room for freedom of exercising.


"I’ve known lots of trainers, and I can say that I’ve never met one that I didn’t enjoy and gain from. But Brenda takes it up a hundred notches. She is kind, upbeat, encouraging, takes a personal interest in everyone she works with, and she becomes a friend in addition to a trainer."


"She sends you away after a workout with tips to work on at home or equipment that would be useful to have at home. Overall my multiple experiences training with Brenda have been 100% satisfaction and I plan to schedule more!"


Located just outside the city limits, access to the studio is conducive to clients from all surrounding areas!

If you made it through this blog- THANK YOU!

Even if you are not looking for a health coach, I hope you can see the power of accountability & friendship in life & for your health!

Until next time, take care!

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