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Wonder what we do here at Studio K?

Question: What do we do here at Studio K?

Answer: Exactly what you need!

I had a client this week, her first time, who made the comment that she was a bit

nervous to train with me. When I asked her why, she commented that the simplicity of the equipment we use made her wonder what was in store for her! I thought that was a fantastic comment and I chose to address her concern.

I have chosen to keep my equipment minimal. I am a huge believer that we have to be able to use our bodies in the most functional way before we add weights to movement. I feel it is necessary to build a strong and solid foundation from the very beginning.

A few things we work on:

Squats- we squat every time to rise from a seated position. The most functional way to keep our legs strong.

Lunges- the most exaggerated form of walking and stair climbing working on balance at the same time.

Push-ups- Scary and least favorite-I hear ya! These can be done in so many different ways you are sure to have success!

Core work-your key muscle group when using balance and every day movement; a strong core relives the majority of back pain! When balance is an issue, strengthening the core will help tremendously!

Stretching-I can not stress this enough! When bodies are lacking flexibility, this will result in a whole host of problems!

In addition to training-health coaching. We will dive into anything and everything that is standing between you and your goals. When we sort out our thinking, we can get to the root of goal setting and find success!

We will start where you are, wherever that may be. No one starts off being amazing and fitness is always a work in progress. When we get better at something, we need to continue to challenge our bodies. This is how we note your progress and the feeling that we get from our strength gains is something only those who work out will understand! What a feeling of success and self-confidence!

In summary, we will begin where you are. I will not ask you to do more than what you are capable of. You will feel discomfort. You will sweat. You will leave here tired. You will want to quit. But as you continue to train, you will learn to appreciate and maybe even enjoy all these emotions for it is up to you, and only you, to achieve the body you desire and deserve!


Tips from the trainer:

Drink half your body weight in water each day

Until next time, take care!

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