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It's the journey not the destination. Enjoy the trip.

We packed the car with suitcases and kids and headed to Indiana. We were off to celebrate the wedding of a beautiful bride, whom we had never even met! My husband has been friends with the bride's father for over 30 years so we thought it was time we met his family.

The car was bursting at the seams and I am not kidding! Troy laughed as he kept shoving bags and shoes and coolers into the jeep. He said multiple times, “This is not all going to fit.” I knew for sure it would, but we may have to leave one of the girls behind.

The car ride was very entertaining. My youngest is 18 and had us in stitches. My eldest daughter is the most easy going kid you’ll ever meet and enjoys being picked on by her siblings which makes her a fun and easy target! Troy doesn't laugh all that often but he most certainly did on this trip! That was probably the highlight for see him relax and enjoy his girls.

We were heading to Indiana for a wedding, that much I knew. What I didn’t realize was that it was so much more than that. The 8 hour car ride with two noisy girls was non-stop entertainment. We laughed, told jokes, and had many heart to heart conversations. We enjoyed our time in Indiana to its fullest! We hiked, spent too much money on fancy coffees, shopped downtown and visited various restaurants and breweries.

The wedding was simple and elegant. The parents of the couple were so welcoming and accommodating which made us feel part of the family immediately. We were so grateful we made the trip.

Reflecting back on the trip, I began to realize that the moments I enjoyed most were the girls and my husband. It wasn’t about making it to the destination, it was the journey there and back. It was the time I spent with my loved ones and the dear friends of Troy’s I was finally able to meet after all these years!

Let’s compare this to a weight loss or fitness journey. We have our goal. Our mind is focused on that goal and we are going to do everything we need to do to be successful. What we didn’t factor in are all the experiences and people we will encounter along the way. We become friends with our trainers. We had a workout buddy that pushed us and made us accountable. We became happier, which made us a better parent, friend, employee. We found out who we are, that we are stronger than we ever knew and we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. We changed our outlook on life as we grew into a better version of ourselves.

When you have your eyes set on the goal, don’t be in a rush to get there. Slow down, look around and take in all the journey has to offer you. Cherish the people you meet and the lessons you learn. You will not get that time back.

Until next time, take care!

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