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14 Things You Must Have in Your Workout Bag

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Do you have all your workout essentials?

There is nothing worse than getting to the gym & realizing you forgot socks, your headphones are dead, or your hair tie snaps. After years of packing my bag for work, classes, & long workouts, I've determined the crucial items to have in your workout bag!

Here is a list of “workout-bag essentials” for women (and men).

Gym Bag: A nice looking gym bag. We are grown-ups now and a grocery sack is not acceptable for toting your workout essentials.

Shoes: Keeping a clean pair of shoes will keep the gym owner and your feet happy. Shoes worn only at the gym will keep them free of debris and help them last much longer! Outside wear and tear is very hard on shoes. A shoe bag is also helpful but not necessary. This will keep your shoes from coming into contact with the inside of your bag.

Socks: Ever worn workout shoes without socks...not fun! And the blisters...yikes! And besides, what if your workout buddy forgets his/her socks… you’ve got them covered!

Water: Of course you already know that you need to be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water each and every day right?!?! Finding a water bottle that you like is key! Replacing the bottle every few months will keep you engaged in tracking your water consumption and well-hydrated!

Protein bar: I don’t suggest you eat these often as many are loaded with fat, calories and sugar; however, there are always those times that an early-morning workout leaves you with low blood sugar or that evening workout reminds you that lunch was quite a while ago! A protein bar allows you to have a few bites or possibly half the bar now, and wrap and save the rest of the bar for the next time hunger strikes.

Headphones: Help to drown out the noise around you by using bluetooth headphones. No one will know you are listening to hard rock or a podcast! Whatever your style, crank it up!

Hair tie: Sweat and hair are not a good mix! You may want to pack two or three...never fails that one will break!

Deodorant: You better be sweaty when you leave the gym! If not, get back in there! A quick spray or swipe of antiperspirant will leave you feeling fresh until that much needed shower!

Wet bag: That sweaty pair of socks or towel needs a bag of its own. Who wants to put a sweaty pair of socks next to your headphones or water bottle!

Sweat towel: Whether you are working out over your lunch hour or after work, sweat rolling off your forehead is neither comfortable nor attractive!

Band-aids: For so many reasons! A simple cut, a blister or any scrape or scratch needs to be cleaned and covered as soon as possible. With so many people using the machines and equipment, we know that steering clear of germs is impossible!

Gum: We are working hard and breathing hard and gum seems to help from getting a dry mouth. If you prefer not to chew gum, a sugar-free mint works great too!

Cash: You don't need much, but enough for an extra water, snack, gum or for an unexpected stop at the store on the way home.

Portable phone charger: A dead iphone is frustrating! Not only can we not make calls and send a message, many of us use our phones for music during our workout.

  1. Nice Gym Bag

  2. Gym Shoes

  3. An extra pair of socks

  4. Water

  5. Protein bar

  6. Headphones

  7. Hair Ties

  8. Deodorant

  9. Wet Bag

  10. Sweat Towel

  11. Band-aids

  12. Gum

  13. Cash

  14. Portable Charger

Being prepared and organized for your workout is the first and most important step in a successful and productive workout. As soon as you walk through the door post-workout, restock your bag.

Until next time, take care!

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